I'm Callum, an experienced professional with a proven track record in remote environments and driving business growth within the SaaS industry.I'm seeking to leverage an extensive background in customer-centric roles and passion for enhancing digital products to transition into a full-time UI/UX designer position.I'm really eager to apply strong communication, problem-solving, and project management skills to contribute effectively to designing intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly interfaces that optimise customer satisfaction and drive business success.You'll find my current portfolio and full resume in the sections below, along with contact details to reach out.


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Power Diary, Automations

Briefed to build new screens for a brand-new feature for an allied healthcare practice management system in the SaaS industry.Designed within an established design library with Figma components from a provided low-fidelity mockup from a Product Manager.Deliverables included:

  • Sections where the user has to configure settings for automations (a lá Zapier)

  • Standardised table with columns showing configured automations

  • High fidelity screens for a variety of scenarios based on the type of automation and state of various fields

  • Mobile version to showcase stacking

Power Diary, Data Export

Briefed to redesign current screens for an existing feature for an allied healthcare practice management system.This solved a problem of users becoming confused about the steps they needed to take, and offered better quality of life.The brief was restricted to exclude the bottom table, which was not within scope for development work.Improvements included:

  • Redesigned the journey based on the type of exports to improve flow

  • Established a 4-column grid to organise the page

  • Replaced toggles with checkboxes so that users no longer expect an action

  • Built a 'Select All/None' with different states to improve the UX, given the number of necessary checkboxes

  • Applied hover-over tooltips to provide additional context about each checkbox to the user

Power Diary, Subscription Info

Briefed to redesign current screens to help improve the provided account billing information for an allied healthcare practice management system in the SaaS industry.This solved a problem of support agents receiving FAQs related to simple billing queries, freeing them to focus on other topics with a higher value to the business.Improvements included:

  • Redesigning the journey based on the type of available exports to improve the configuration process

  • Established a 4-column grid to organise the page

  • Replacing toggles with checkboxes so that users no longer expect an action

  • Built a 'Select All/None' with different states to improve the UX, given the number of necessary checkboxes

  • Applied hover-over tooltips to provide additional context about each checkbox to the user

Power Diary, Review Logos

Briefed to redesign a specific section on a key page of the app where potential users convert to a paid plan, where we advertise other customers' reviews from third-party review sites.This solved a problem of only showing a single review site, when our marketing focused on six, and the old dropdown widget of reviews was incompatible with the page edge, leading to poor readability.Improvements included:

  • Showcasing the logos of the six review sites marketing wanted to advertise

  • Implemented a grid to add more in the future


Professional Experience

Power Diary

May 2023 – present

UI / UX Design Secondment

Transitioned into a hybrid role, leveraging an expanded skill set to drive commercial success and enhance team collaboration. Primary focus centred on supporting the full-time UI/UX Designer in revitalizing the aesthetics and user experience of the cloud application:

Key Accomplishments:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to craft comprehensive design briefs that align with their requirements.

  • Developing high-fidelity Figma designs, tailored for both desktop and mobile platforms, facilitating seamless implementation by the development team.

  • Actively soliciting feedback from Product Owners and skilfully incorporating it into subsequent work iterations to achieve optimal results.

October 2022 – present

Senior Customer Support Agent

Based on my earlier accomplishments at Power Diary, I was promoted to a newly-created senior-level role with the following additional accomplishments;

Key Accomplishments:

  • Entrusted with read SQL database access for complex troubleshooting.

  • Created a business analysis database to track account closures, competitors, and sales pipeline.

  • Contributed product ideas in collaborative meetings with product managers, engineers, and marketers.

  • Trained and guided new hires according to management expectations.Assisted colleagues with high-priority issues and system-wide incidents.

  • Managed billing refunds and discounts within established guidelines.

June 2020 – October 2022

Customer Support Agent

Power Diary is a SaaS platform providing practice management software to allied health clinics. I provide the following key services across the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Understand and triage incoming support requests, ensuring they are assigned to the right team.

  • Conducted sales demonstrations to potential health clinic clients.

  • Provided technical support and training sessions for both small and large clients, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  • Record product bugs and user feedback for engineers and product team.


May 2017 – April 2020
Leeds, England

Template Service Analyst

Combined client-facing role investigating, troubleshooting and resolving issues in-line with company SLA, and working on client projects onboarding onto global real estate SaaS platform.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Delivered 25 client projects from scoping, prototyping, build and quality testing to deployment in line with overall Project Go-Live timelines.

  • Picked up incident tickets and resolved within company SLA requirements.

  • Authored internal support documentation for new clients, in order to support colleagues and share knowledge, and client-facing documents to deliver knowledge to clients.

  • Performed real-time video and screen-sharing calls with new clients to answer technical questions and feasibility of custom requirements.


University of Dundee

September 2008 – May 2011
Dundee, Scotland

Bachelor of Design

Graphic Design

North East Scotland College

September 2006 – June 2008
Aberdeen, Scotland

Higher National Diploma

Visual Communication



May 2023

User Interface Design With Figma

Certificate of Completion


May 2023

Figma Design Basics and Features

Certificate of Completion